2021 – 2025

Alumni Association Officers


Mrs. Doris M. McFarland – President

 Mrs. Joan M. Jackson – Vice President

Dr. Robert L. Earls, Sr – Secretary

Mr. Isaiah Overton – Treasurer


The Alumni Board of Angelos Bible College:

Moving Forward in 2021


The intended purpose of the Alumni Board serves as an important component of education for Angelos Bible College.  This is a collaborative effort to strategize the vision as we move forward in the 21th century in encouraging students who have not completed their course study.


 It is also our endeavor, while fostering relationships in our communities, to give insight to other perspectives of ministry. 

As we make Angeles Bible College known, we:

  • Give insight to other perspectives of ministering

  • Connect with businesses that will assist in the needs of ABC

  • Cultivate relationships with church-groups to increase giving 

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